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If your top equation is really $$ x(t) = 2\cos\left(\frac 45 \pi t\right)\sin^2\left(\frac{16}{3} t\right)\tag{1} $$ You gonna have a hard time getting the fundamental period/frequency as the there isn’t an exact integer relating the two periods/frequencies. You can make approximations of the $\pi$ multiplier/divisor but the errors accumulates and this doesn’t cut it.

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Tool to compute the period of a function. The period of a function is the lowest value t such that the function repeats itself : f(x+t)=f(x-t)=f(x), that is the case for.

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Frequency converter; Time period converter; User Guide. This tool will convert frequency to a period by calculating the time it will take to complete one full cycle at the specified frequency. For each frequency entered a conversion scale will display for a range of frequency versus period values. Formula. The formula used to calculate the.

Trigonometry: Period and Amplitude.. Sinusoid with amplitude "a" and period "b ". Sinusoid with amplitude "a" and period "b". 1. a c o s 2 x b . 2. a =2.58.

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The fundamental period is the smallest of these values: in other words, it’s the LCM of the 3 periods. The first term has period 2*pi/(5*pi) = 0.4 the second term has period = 0.05 and the third.

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